"I really loved the pace of the audio recording, and how you lead us to a place where the pen just starts running away with the words."


Why Write?

Everyone has the ability to write!

Making time to put pen to paper for just fifteen minutes can be transformational.

Everyone can be creative and this course is a gentle introduction into the magic that words can have on our mental wellbeing.

"I also really enjoyed having both visual and audio options. You have the most calm, almost soothing at times, voice and I think both worked very well together. "


I enjoyed being able to do this in my home in my own time and having the exercises at hand to look back on. This carved out time for me felt worthwhile and focused. And SPECIAL, it felt like special time."


"I have a very stressful life and found these exercises gave me time to think and put down in writing my thoughts and feelings. I enjoy looking back on them and reflecting and knowing this has helped me when I feel overwhelmed with life."


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